Who are we?

Innisfree Village is a fully licensed, residential community with adults with intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1971, this nonprofit, nonsectarian community is located on 550 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside the university town of Charlottesville, Virginia. We are dedicated to a lifesharing community model.

Lifesharing Mission

Lifesharing at Innisfree means that residents and their volunteer caregivers live as families in the community’s 15 houses. In this close-knit environment, people develop profound relationships based on mutual needs, respect, and love.

News from the Innisfree Fitness Program

News from the Innisfree Fitness Program


The Innisfree Fitness program, led by Jeanmarie Badar, aims to provide opportunities for fitness-related activities to the Innisfree community. Currently, about 25 coworkers participate in the program at some level. Specifically, the program includes:

  • The Fitness Workstation: Small groups of coworkers participate in fitness activities during the regular work day. Each coworker follows an individually designed cardio/strength workout plan with help from Jeanmarie and the fitness volunteers. Heart rate monitors help measure exertion levels, and workout records allow progress to be documented.
  • Community Classes: Open to the entire Innisfree community, this 45-minute class uses dance to improve cardiovascular function, coordination, focus, and balance. The class meets weekly for 6-week sessions and is currently on “break” for the summer.
  • Individual Sessions: some coworkers who need a more structured, one-on-one exercise program work with Jeanmarie outside of workstation hours.
  • Volunteer/Staff Classes: Jeanmarie leads a small group once a week in an intense one-hour workout using a variety of fitness modalities including weight lifting, dance, suspension straps, and circuit training.
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