The Essential Volunteer

Full-time volunteer caregivers are the special ingredient that sets Innisfree apart from any institution, whether public or private. A two-to-one ratio of residents (also known as coworkers) to volunteer caregivers is maintained in order to foster a sense of community “with,” not “for” adults with intellectual disabilities.

This therapeutic model is at the heart of Innisfree’s philosophy. Volunteer caregivers receive a small monthly stipend. they do not come to Innisfree intending only to care for persons with intellectual disabilities, rather they join a community to share their lives.

Volunteer caregivers from all over the world come to Innisfree for a minimum of one year, while some stay on to make it their home for much longer. No matter how long they stay, volunteer caregivers are committed to creating a setting where each person is treated with dignity and respect. All community members are challenged and encouraged to grow, give and receive support, and have the opportunity to both teach and learn!