Put it on your calendar!

Hey friends! Just wanted to update  you with a few upcoming events where you can get involved in some of Innisfree’s creative outlets.

  1. This Friday, May 22, is the last day of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for framing all the beautiful pieces that come out of the Innisfree art class. Raising money to frame our pieces means that we can participate in more art shows, display our art on the walls instead of stored in closets, and work on bridging the gap between what is considered fine art and what is considered “outsider” art.  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/innisfree-village-art-gallery#/story
  2. This Saturday, May 23 we will be hosting a workshop at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative from 1-3 PM.Here’s the link to the flyer: innisfreeatthebrdige. It’s free, though there is a suggested donation, and we’ll be working together to make a collaborative quilt. See below pictures of the finished mandala quilt from the workshop between Innisfree artists and the Alzheimer’s Association Arts Fusion program. The idea behind this project is to create something together no matter age or ability. Hopefully the quilt created in this workshop will hang in various public spaces throughout Charlottesville to remind us of the incredible power of coming together. This is the finished quilt from this post!

  1. On September 12 (yes, a ways away but we’re already looking forward to it!) the Innisfree Artists will have their very own booth of goods at Fleaville, an outdoor market at the IX park in Charlottesville. Come out and see some of our latest works! 4. And finally, in October (even farther away but we’ll be updating on the lead-up) we’ll be having our very own gallery opening at the Presbyterian church in Crozet, VA. It may even be fun to incorporate a hands-on project into the opening, we’ll see!