News from the Innisfree Fitness Program


The Innisfree Fitness program, led by Jeanmarie Badar, aims to provide opportunities for fitness-related activities to the Innisfree community. Currently, about 25 coworkers participate in the program at some level. Specifically, the program includes:

  • The Fitness Workstation: Small groups of coworkers participate in fitness activities during the regular work day. Each coworker follows an individually designed cardio/strength workout plan with help from Jeanmarie and the fitness volunteers. Heart rate monitors help measure exertion levels, and workout records allow progress to be documented.
  • Community Classes: Open to the entire Innisfree community, this 45-minute class uses dance to improve cardiovascular function, coordination, focus, and balance. The class meets weekly for 6-week sessions and is currently on “break” for the summer.
  • Individual Sessions: some coworkers who need a more structured, one-on-one exercise program work with Jeanmarie outside of workstation hours.
  • Volunteer/Staff Classes: Jeanmarie leads a small group once a week in an intense one-hour workout using a variety of fitness modalities including weight lifting, dance, suspension straps, and circuit training.
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