Meadow house memories

Innisfree’s first house “Meadow” came down with a crash this week. With its newer, shinier version looking on next door, the contrast was striking as roofing caved in and once sturdy walls became mere rubble in the dumpster. Yes, the house was old and it was time to say goodbye. Yes, Meadow V. 2 is amazing and we are so thankful for those who made the move happen whether through hauling boxes or providing funding. However, many people throughout the years have passed through Meadow’s doorways and stairwells. Many people have called Meadow home and will continue to do so, though memories will be made in different doorways and different stairwells. Here are some memories we’ve collected from previous and current community members- Meadow has been such a special place and we’re looking forward to the years and memories yet to come!

The mother of a coworker…

“When Elizabeth first came to Meadow, 8 years ago, her first bedroom was the “tiny” room across from the laundry room. Already knowing her collecting instincts, the community put in shelves so that she could have some of her collection displayed in her new room. Such is the consideration of this remarkable community. When she moved into “Ivy” room when Kimmie vacated it for Robert’s room in the corner when he moved to Amity, again, Elizabeth’s display space for her growing collection increased with the help of the community to provide shelves. Worn, yes, “Old Meadow” was worn but like comfy slippers that you can’t quite part with. And, every time I looked out the kitchen window I could not believe how stunningly beautiful the view is/was. Not sad but wistful…”

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