Happy New Year!

We’ve survived our first day back at workstations in the year 2016. While we’re looking forward to more winter weather (we had our first flurry today!), there is a lot that happened in our community in 2015 that we’d like to share with you….


10924692_777880568926285_3089576330954396798_nWe had our first ever Innisfree Film Festival. Each houses was given a genre to work off of (Horror, mystery, romance, etc.) and created a unique film in under 5 minutes along that theme. Everyone did great, and we’ll cherish the movies from years to come! We’re looking forward to this year’s film festival later this month.







10386380_2543985051376_2715366539550165025_nWe celebrated St. Patrick’s day in style!









11102619_10152879802057620_9160600070740360558_nWe held our 3rd annual 5k on the Innisfree property this past April! Each year, Innisfree community members gather to run, walk, skip, or observe a 5k course around the hills and valleys of the Innisfree trails. Everyone does it their own way, and everyone has lots of fun!





Innisfree’s fitness program got a boost and settled into its permanent location down in the lower gym thanks to Jeanmarie and Innisfree volunteers. Now fitness program participants can stretch and sweat every day of the week!







11219254_427222360784721_6857091622007502051_nWe lost our dear friend Vinh and planted a cherry tree in his honor. While he has physically left our lives, his spirit lives on here at Innisfree and we think about him often.





11011281_860147774077079_3898799431524450686_nWe watched “Old Meadow” fall down and we watched “New Meadow” rise up…we were glad to see the new house host lots of friends over the holidays, though we were sad to see the old building go. Here’s to lots more memories in the new house in 2016!



10915254_471251293048494_5748550700997203947_nWe welcomed our new director Rorie Hutter into the Innisfree community! Thank you for making the transition so enjoyable and for being such a natural fit for Innisfree.





We also danced, put on a play, celebrated birthdays, read together, went hiking, went swimming, and so so much more. For all of you who joined us at Innisfree this year whether you volunteered, attended events, purchased vegetables, donated, visited, toured, or just came to say hello…THANK YOU! Our lives are so much richer because you are a part of it. We are very much looking forward to what 2016 will bring!