The beauty of food

I came across an article today titled: Artists With Developmental Disabilities Explore The Beauty Wrapped Up In Food. Our art classes often talk about food: What we had for breakfast, what we hope is for lunch, what we’re cooking for dinner, what we dream about but don’t often eat, what we will have as a treat if we do our work, what we can’t eat because of allergies etc. etc. etc. It can seem obsessive and even controlling but somehow, as this article points out, it becomes quite beautiful when turned into art. In the past, we have done many projects revolving around food- some prompted by a group project idea some not. Recently we colored and cut and pasted different fruits to glue onto brown paper and make a “fruit salad tree”. One artist just finished a stuffed version of a cupcake. Others have painted pizza, sculpted donuts, and we even did a whole series of stamped vegetables last summer. Take a look at the article to see some of the beautiful paintings that are coming out of Creativity Explored: ” a supportive studio environment for artists with developmental disabilities in which they receive individualized instruction from mentoring artists, quality art materials, and professional opportunities to exhibit their work. “


Here are a few examples of the work they’ve made surrounding the idea of food: