10 Reasons to Volunteer at Innisfree Village

  1. A slower pace- Innisfree is a place to reconnect with yourself and the natural environment. Volunteers have time to enjoy long walks outside and observe the changing of the seasons as well as learn more about themselves and people with disabilities.
  2. Learning new skills- Volunteers who come to Innisfree have the opportunity learn new skills like soap making, gardening, sewing, woodworking, cooking, baking, and much more. Workstation heads have the skills and passion to help combine the efforts of volunteers and adults with disabilities alike into happy and productive work.
  3. Making international connections- Each year, people from all over the world come to volunteer at Innisfree and become lifelong connections for volunteers and staff. For those interested in travel, having a place to stay all over the globe is a priceless network.
  4. Access to healthy local food- Innisfree’s vegetable garden provides in-season vegetables to Innisfree’s houses and has a store of preserved food for the off season. Our cows provide ground beef and other cuts of meat year-round and our on-campus store sells eggs, frozen veggies, meats, bulk grains, and much more to Innisfree residents. During the week, community members get a healthy lunch cooked by our Kitchen workstation with veggies from the gardens.
  5. Access to opportunities to stay fit- Whether your style is swimming, running, weight-lifting, yoga, or soccer, Innisfree has a full range of fitness options for volunteers. Not to mention a beautiful property to stroll around and enjoy!
  6. Proximity to one of the best cities in the U.S.- Just 20 miles away, Charlottesville, Virginia has become a hub of restaurants, breweries, art, music, and endless outdoor activities. No matter what your interests, days off can be full of any activity you choose with access to Innisfree’s fleet of vehicles.
  7.  Learning about yourself and others- Sharing life with people with disabilities doesn’t just mean the daily tasks like personal care, medications, and appointments. It means really getting to the core of who someone is and what they need to thrive. This in turn reflects onto oneself and helps highlight what really matters in our day to day lives. In a world that often asks us to forget who we are to be productive members of society, Innisfree asks only that we are honest with ourselves and that we maintain respectful and loving relationships with those around us.
  8. Learning how to manage a home- Whether your future goals involve having a family, living on your own, traveling worldwide, or hunkering down in a yurt, managing money and food are still necessities. Living in an Innisfree home means learning how to make the most of your budget and feed groups of people as well as keep up with weekly cleaning and household chores. Skills like these can last a lifetime!
  9. Vacations- The term “volunteer” can be misleading. Innisfree volunteers get 20 days of vacation each year, 15 of which are paid. The average American only gets 10!
  10. Last but not least- A year of growth and giving back- It’s no secret that volunteering is good for the soul and for the community. Volunteering at Innisfree is no exception. Whether you’re looking for an alternative year before diving into grad school, a change of pace from your 9-5 or an opportunity to work with an amazing population, Innisfree is a great opportunity to give back and who knows- you may get more than you give!