Board of Directors

Innisfree Incorporated, formed in 1971, is a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. While the business of the corporation and its finances are dealt with exclusively by the Board of the Corporation, the desires and opinions of the Innisfree community are solicited, expressed, and represented by participation on the Board and Board Committees. Flexibility in the manner of control and direction by the Board is the norm. Open communication is maintained among all individuals responsible for the administration of Innisfree and its everyday life.

Officers 2018

Melinda Robinson, President
Henry Griffin, Vice President
Barbara Fried, Chairman
Keith Lewis, Treasurer
Krissy Lasagna, Secretary
Kathey Abell, Assistant Treasurer
Rorie Hutter, Executive Director and Board Member

Board Members

Kathy Abell
Nancy Chappell
Jamie Dahlhausen
Craig Dreilinger
Beth Jaeger-Landis
Wes Kitchens
Geri Schirmer
William Walker
Alison Webb


Tom Nicholson
Carolyn Ohle
Phyllis Sato
Lee Walters

2018 Board Meetings:

Saturday, March 17
SaturdayJune 2
SundaySeptember 23
SaturdayDecember 8