rorie_webphotoRORIE HUTTER
Executive Director 
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Rorie joined Innisfree in 2015 as the Executive Director.  Prior to coming to Innisfree, she worked at the Virginia Institute of Autism in Charlottesville for 15 years in a variety of roles including Director of Education and Director of Training and Consultation.

Rorie grew up in Greenbelt, Maryland and earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Virginia.  She has a master's degree in special education from Old Dominion University and is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA).

Rorie lives in Charlottesville with her husband Stuart and their children Madeline and Jackson.  She is an active member of Sojourners United Church of Christ, where she first got to know many of the Innisfree coworkers.

Associate Director and Medical Coordinator
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Wes first came to Innisfree in 1985 as a volunteer for a year and again in 1988. He returned with his family in 1994 and has been at Innisfree ever since. Wes was a volunteer caregiver and the Financial officer until 2000 when he became the Assistant Director. In 2009 he became the Associate Director and since then he has taken on the management of the medical office and overseeing the maintenance of Innisfree’s fleet of vehicles.

Wes was educated in England and trained in the nursing profession focusing on mental illness, Alzheimer/dementia care and autism, where he managed several units.

He is a lover of sports, food and family…but not in that order, of course!


Associate Director and Community Coordinator
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Nancy first came to Innisfree in 1992 with her then 2 ½ year old son. She worked as the Volunteer Coordinator for many years, then left in 2009 to wander around Europe, visiting thirty or so former Innisfree volunteers.

She returned in January of 2011 to take over the position of Medical Coordinator. Nancy currently serves as the Associate Director and volunteer recruiter. She lives at Walnut Level with Connie and Murphy the rabbit.

Nancy has a Geography degree from Temple University, which has turned into a love of travel, maps, culture and history. Nancy also enjoys reading, singing in choirs, and community theater. Nancy's son Alex is all grown up and living in Richmond.


Financial Officer
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Monika came to Innisfree in 2007 with Tom and their three children. She started working in the office in 2010, assisting with donations and finances. Monika stepped into the Financial Officer role in September 2013 and is responsible for all incoming and outgoing accounts.

Monika grew up in Switzerland. She completed her vocational training in business/commerce, then traveled to France, England and Israel. Moving back to Switzerland she studied communication and English languages at the University of Bern. In 1995 she went to Philadelphia for an Internship as a social worker and the rest, as they say, is history.

Monika now has dual citizenship. As a soccer/ballet/gymnastics mom, there is very little free time. But when able, she enjoys riding her horse.


Community Kitchen Head Cook

Sharon came to Innisfree in 1998 as a volunteer caregiver in Amity House, living there for seven years and managing this newly built house for Innisfree’s senior coworkers. With a background in culinary arts, Sharon also took on the task of planning and cooking Innisfree’s community lunches. In 2008, she began administering medical files for Innisfree coworkers and planning in-service medical trainings for volunteer caregivers and long-term staff.

Originally from Michigan, Sharon has a bachelor’s degree in zoology from Michigan State University.  She lived in several states and Europe and completed a 5-year stint with the Brethren Volunteer Service before coming to Innisfree.

After her service at Amity House, Sharon moved to Batesville and then to Sugar Hollow where she lives with husband Lonnie Murray and daughters Ariel and Sarah.


Workstation and Day Coworker Coordinator
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Trisha came to Innisfree as a volunteer caregiver in 1989.  She was Innisfree’s Head Vegetable Gardener from 1995-2016 and currently serves as our Workstation and Day Coworker Coordinator. Trisha helped launch Innisfree’s community-supported agriculture project, Innisfree Community Gardens. Trisha has a bachelor’s degree in English from Notre Dame. Trisha married Innisfree volunteer caregiver Cabell Coward in 2006. She, Cabell, and Lucy Mae live nearby in Albemarle County.


Head Gardener

Kyle and his partner Meagan graduated from The University of Maryland in 2010. Kyle studied Plant Sciences with a concentration in Horticulture and Crop Production while Meagan studied Cultural Anthropology. The two welcomed their daughter Sage into the world in 2011 and have since ventured into the field of organic farming together.

Before coming to Innisfree and moving into Walnut Level in 2016, the family lived in a restored barn for two years in Maryland while Kyle managed a pastured egg and organic produce operation. Later they moved to the mountains of North Carolina for an opportunity to gain a better understanding of garden irrigation systems.

In Kyle's free time he enjoys trail running, reading, designing and wood working.

Meagan enjoys running, photography and cooking healthy meals for friends and family.

Sage enjoys practicing her cartwheels, swimming and chasing butterflies.

On November 5, 2016 Meagan, Kyle, and Sage welcomed in a new member of their family- Niko!

Vegetable Garden Workstation Head
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Connie arrived to Innisfree in 2003 as a Sunflower house volunteer and learned how to live with a German, the alphabet in sign language, and the real importance of zinnias. Her lackluster singing voice was keeping the music group back so she went on to assist the garden full time as an intern and eventually an assistant to Trisha and Cabell. After a few years her chicken wings sprouted and hatched the egg operation under the tail feathers of the garden. After a short hiatus in Denver, she has been assisting Kyle to translate veggie garden work into comprehensive therapeutic tasks for our villagers.

When cleaned up Connie enjoys a board game with her partner Finn and Friends, spinning Innisfree wool, and making balloon animals.

Head Herb and Flower Gardener

Catherine arrived at Innisfree in 1993 as a volunteer caregiver and early on gravitated to Innisfree’s gardens. In 2001, she took over the leadership of the newly developed herb and flower garden. Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the College of William and Mary and a master’s degree in philosophy from Georgetown University.


Head Weaver

Miriam came to Innisfree in 1984 as a volunteer caregiver and became head Weaver in 1987. Miriam has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois. She married Innisfree volunteer caregiver Pete Marshall. After many years of living in Innisfree houses, Miriam, Pete, and their two daughters, Leah and Talia, live in Charlottesville.


Head Woodworker
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Dirk is a native of Germany who moved to the United States in the 90’s. He is a carpenter and was most recently the owner of Dutch Creek Carpentry, a small-scale construction and woodworking company.

He has designed, built and lived in an off-the-grid solar home before joining us at Innisfree in 2014. He has homesteading experience as a beekeeper and goat & chicken farmer.



Head Baker
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Graham came in Innisfree in February 2013 as a volunteer from Northwest Alabama. He completed his bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2012 from the University of Alabama in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus in Spirituality and Community Development. Graham still closely follows the Alabama Crimson Tide football team (Roll Tide!)

Graham enjoys watching most sports and cooking in his spare time. His hobbies include playing guitar, photography, playing billiards, and reading.



Farm Manager
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Nich spent his childhood in Vermont, occasionally working (though more often just playing) on his grandparents' dairy farm. He studied Environmental Education at the University of Vermont, and would go back to work the family farm during the summer. After graduation, he took a position teaching at-risk youth farming skills at Healthy City Youth Farm in Burlington, Vermont. He then spent a year working alongside his father at Spring Lake Ranch, a community for people with mental health or substance abuse issues. After a brief stint as an organic berry farmer in Seattle, WA, he moved back to Vermont to be the Farm Caretaker at Merck Forest and Farmland Center, a non-profit organization focused on sustainable farming and forestry practices.

Nich moved to Innisfree in 2010, and worked with Peter and Deb Traverse to upgrade infrastructure and build soil fertility across the farm. Nich is committed to raising young farmers in addition to cattle and sheep, which takes the form of internships and occasional partnerships with schools to help expose kids to the world of farming.


Community and Wellness Coordinator 
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Vanessa came to Innisfree in the summer of 2010 to volunteer. She became the head of our Bakery in 2011 and continues to live in the village in Bittersweet. She became our Community Coordinator in 2015.

Vanessa is married to Nich Traverse, farm manager at Innisfree. She is a Registered Dietitian with experience in Public Health Nutrition, Clinical Dietetics, and Food Science. Vanessa completed her bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science and Dietetics at the University of Vermont, and Dietetic Internship at Bastyr University of Natural Medicine in Seattle, WA.

Her passions include whole foods nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and providing a supportive and safe working/living environment for our coworkers.



Arts and Media Coordinator 
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Emily came to Innisfree in the summer of 2012 and currently lives in Acorn. She was a caregiver in Laurel house then an intern in the vegetable and herb gardens, and now is our Art workstation head and social media manager. Emily received her BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University in May of 2012 and is currently pursuing her Open Master's ( in art therapy, printmaking, and positive psychology.

Emily loves holding art classes in Innisfree's art studio and keeping up with Innisfree's social media accounts. She hopes to continue to support Innisfree's art program by putting up art in galleries around Charlottesville and Crozet. Her passions include textile design, baby farm animals, local eating, and visionary art.


Farm Workstation head
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Tim came to Innisfree from upstate New York in 2012. He has lived at Meadow since his arrival, transitioning from full-time caregiver to farm intern and now to his role as the farm workstation head. He cares for Innisfree's 400+ chickens and a herd of sheep where the daily responsibilities range from collecting and washing eggs, shearing sheep, and maintaining a joyful and collaborative work environment for volunteers and residents who work at the farm.

Tim is an avid soccer player and enjoys outdoor sports of all kinds from skiing to camping to canoeing.

IT Administrator
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Eric came to Innisfree as a volunteer caregiver in 2008. After his first year, Eric transitioned into a maintenance assistant in the village and a computer specialist at the office. As the years have passed, he lived as a caregiver in Meadow, Amity, Magnolia, Trillium, Magnolia, Walden, Amity, and Laurel. As the “computer guy”, Eric has helped move the office from disparate desktop computers using dial-up modems to what it is today – an interconnected campus with a strong online presence.

A Massachusetts native, Eric moved down to Nelson County, Virginia in 2005 to help his parents build their dream home. With his previous decade of on the job training in the IT industry, he is a passionate and jack-of-all-trades technologist.