What was the single most valuable thing you learned at Innisfree?

Living and working at Innisfree can teach you so many things. In an uncertain world, Innisfree holds a place for learning valuable lessons about ourselves and our relationship with others. In this post, former and current volunteers answer the question: What was the single most valuable thing you learned at Innisfree?

“Innisfree is a great place for everyone to be who they are. It gives you a lot of skills for the rest of your life. I learned a lot about wood working, gardening, baking and how to run a household.” – Adrienne S. 

“Acceptance of how other people need to live their lives” – Maddy G.

“That humans are complex and that dignity comes from beyond our abilities.” – Heather M. 

“To be more patient and tolerant. To appreciate nature. You can’t please all the people all the time. Life is beautiful! Dying is part of the cycle and doesn’t have to be feared. Volunteers are amazing!” – Nancy C. 

“That coworkers can teach me more than I can teach them.” – Gillian P. 

“To be honest about my own limitations, take care of myself, and that often I am the one who needs to change not the coworker.” – Vanessa T.

“First to be comfortable around people who were different from me, then to love and appreciate people for who they really are.” – Nich T.

“What courageous people look like.” – Luis B.

“To react slowly to daily events.” – Tim Y. 

“Wow. One thing? Either that what annoys you the most about someone else is a character trait that you share with them; or Pace yourself – life is not a race, but if it was a race, the winners are those who take time to savor each and every day and opportunity as they occur.” – Suzanne P.

“How important relationships are.” – Neill C. 

“We don’t make mistakes, we make adjustments.” – Graham M.

“Work Inclusion” – Connie W.



Innisfree Music Fest 2017- Local Music, Food, and “Friend-Raising” Fun!

Come enjoy the Innisfree experience!

Please join us at Innisfree Music Fest 2017 for an
afternoon of live music, mirth and merriment, and “friendraising.”

· Local bands · Family friendly · Food and wine · Picnics welcome
· Raffle for Innisfree Handcrafted items · Tours of Innisfree

Band Schedule:

· Warmed Over Boys – acoustic folk – 12:00pm
· Grainneog – irish pub music – 1:15pm
· Holy Smokes! – “Grateful” reggae – 2:30pm
· Cathy Elly – kids’ sing along – 3:30pm
· Coalie Stokes – funky soul dance – 4:00pm

Food and Wine:

· Mobilee Delicious
· Two Brothers Southwestern Grill
· Glass House Winery

(indoors if raining)
(no pets please)

Innisfree is looking for a farm intern!

The farm internship at Innisfree is an opportunity for the applicant to gain experience in animal
husbandry and the practice of rotational grazing. You will be helping with the daily cattle and sheep moves and observations, with the intent that you would be working towards proficiency in
understanding what goes into the decisions that we make every day. You will also be exposed to
animal health checks for both sheep and cattle, how to evaluate animals for health concerns and how to safely and effectively work with them. As a compliment to these areas, you will be involved in the upkeep and installation of permanent fence infrastructure, and the use and maintenance of farm

Please refer to the full description for more information —> Farm Internship

If interested, please fill out our application form and e-mail to [email protected]

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How can you get involved?

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