Sample Schedule

Here’s an example of what a typical day at Innisfree might look like. Of course there are often special events, outings, and village-wide gatherings: 

8:00-9:00 AM: Breakfast

9:00-10:30 AM: 1st Period Workstations

10:30-12:30 PM: 2nd Period Workstations

12:300-1:30 PM: Lunchtime

1:30-3:00 PM: 3rd Period Workstations

3:00-4:30 PM: Wednesday steering meetings/relax after work

4:30-7:00 PM: Make, eat, and clean up dinner

7:00-9:30 PM: Bedtime for many coworkers, once a month volunteer meetings, or village activities happen after dinner

After 9:30 PM: Time to relax, gather with other volunteers and socialize, or go out on your night off.

Saturday and Sunday– Sometimes there are village activities planned by the activities committee or special olympics depending on the season. Some coworkers go home with their parents on the weekend, and there is a group of that goes to church on Sunday mornings. Volunteers can plan something with their house or with another village house. In the first 4 weeks at Innisfree, volunteers have these days off. After the trial month, most volunteers have either Friday/Saturday or Sunday/Monday off.

Tuesday– This is house-cleaning and grocery shopping day. Sometimes coworkers have appointments tuesdays since all house volunteers are on this day. Occasionally there are activities planned for afternoons of evenings, and there is horseback riding that volunteers can participate in if they wish.


Community Gatherings– 1st Thursday of the month (12-12:30pm) These usually take place in the Luria Lounge. The whole community gathers to discuss issues relevant to the whole community (dressing for the weather, walking safely on roads, holiday discussion)

Volunteer Meetings– 2nd Tuesday of the month (6-8pm). Luria Lounge. Mandatory for all volunteers to attend. Circle for announcements, discuss community issues, planning for Mayfair/Family day, organizing holiday coverage, and two house member discussions (a presentation on a coworker by house volunteers)

Steering Meetings– Every Wednesday except the 2nd Wednesday of the month (3:15-4:30pm) in the office. A representative of each house must be present. Volunteers and staff meet to discuss the running of the village. This is the place to address new ideas, problems, questions which are oriented towards the whole community such a policies or information all volunteers need to know. The agendas for other meetings are set and announced during steering. Each house gets a copy of the minutes in the mailboxes and “volunteer only” (not to be shared with coworkers) steering minutes go out by e-mail.

Transitions Meetings – 2nd Wednesday of the month (3:15-4:30) in the office. A meeting to discuss longer-term issues relevant to the community. All volunteers and staff are welcome to transitions meetings, however attendance is not mandatory.

Committee Meetings– Each volunteer is expected to serve on at least once committee. The active committees include: activities, car policy, clothing closet, Pasture Fence, Volunteer Acceptance Committee (VAC). Times and locations vary.

Evaluations– One-year volunteers have two evaluations: one after their first month to assess whether they and the community agree that they should join the community, and an evaluation after 6 months at the mid-point of service. Nancy organizes, schedules, and facilitates the evaluations. Other evaluations are held for longer-term volunteers and staff. All community members are encouraged to give feedback for evaluations.

Workstation Meetings – Meets near the end of a new volunteer’s trial month to plan his/her workstation schedule or whenever a volunteer wants to change workstations.

Moves Meetings– Meets whenever a volunteer or coworker is considering moving houses, or to place an incoming volunteer. Each house should send a representative.

Volunteer Application Meeting– VAC is a small committee which reviews applications and decides which volunteers will be invited to have a trial month. All are invited to comment on potential volunteer applications kept in a folder in Nancy’s office.