Town Program

some residents participate in jobs in the charlottesville communityMost think of Innisfree as the 550 acre farm in Albemarle County, but you need to think bigger! We are more than a beautiful rural farm twenty minutes from Barracks Road shopping center. Two Charlottesville lifesharing households are part of our village. Set up just like our village homes, Magnolia and Walden are an important urban option located near the downtown pedestrian mall. Being in town means that Marny can volunteer one day each week at CBI pre-school. Willie has a parttime job making architectural models for a local firm. Chris R. works fulltime at a UVA cafeteria.

Besides being close enough to allow easy transportation to these various establishments,our coworkers have found other reasons why they love their Charlottesville homes. Many can walk downtown to do errands on the weekends or to attend different churches. Getting to the UVA library or a movie theater is convenient on the city bus or (when a whole group wants to join) in the town van. But most important, our town folks are part of Innisfree.

Marny is an excellent weaver. Willie is an incredible asset to our woodshop. Mark, among other assignments, helps with filing and forms in our office. Each comes on various days to work in our village workstations, either throughout the week or during the summer when UVA is not in session. Participating in village life extends beyond the work day. At dances or the summer solstice festival, summer picnics and parties, our town households can always be found at the heart of the fun.

If you believe that your family member might benefit from the unique experience of the Innisfree Town Program, mention your interest when you contact us about the application process.

Same tuition rates apply to a coworker participating in the town program.

Thank you to Carolyn Ohle for her words on the town program