Application steps for families of adults with intellectual disabilities:

  1. CONTACT INNISFREE’S EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR by phone, email, or letter to talk about your adult child’s or sibling’s situation. Describe their gifts and challenges.
  2. SET UP A TOUR OF INNISFREE for your family, including the potential coworker, at least 2 weeks in advance, arriving on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday morning and staying for lunch if you like.
  4. ARRANGE A 2-WEEK VISIT for the potential coworker when space is available in an Innisfree house and if mutually believed appropriate. Cost for 2-week visit is $1,796.
  5. SHARE FINANCIAL PLANNING INFORMATION about the family’s ability to support the potential coworker.
  6. SET UP A 6-MONTH TRIAL PERIOD for the potential coworker following a favorable evaluation of the 2-week visit and when space is available.
  7. MEET WITH INNISFREE’S ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE following a positive visit and evaluation.
  8. BECOME A FULL-TIME RESIDENT and be welcomed as Innisfree’s newest community member.


A potential Innisfree coworker must be:

  • An adult with an intellectual disability
  • Between the ages of 21 and 35 at the time of admission
  • Involved in choosing to live at Innisfree
  • Mobile and able to orient and walk from place to place
  • Able to participate in workstations
  • Able to eat independently
  • Able to use the toilet independently
  • Not physically harmful to themselves or others
  • Content with rural living

Sample diagnoses of Innisfree coworkers include:

  • Down syndrome
  • Autism
  • Fragile X
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Intellectual disability – a condition previously categorized as mental retardation and often of unknown cause


Each coworker enjoys the following amenities:

  • Private bedroom in a family-style home or semi-independent apartment
  • Bathroom shared with 1 to 2 others
  • Kitchen, dining area, living room, and laundry room shared with all house residents
  • TV and DVD player in living room
  • Weekday community lunches in the Community Center and other meals in own home or homes around the village
  • Fully furnished room with the option of bringing personal possessions
  • Wi-Fi Access


Each coworker:

  • Contributes to household management by taking on designated chores.
  • Participates in workstations four days a week.
  • Partakes of Innisfree’s fitness opportunities including exercise at an onsite gymnasium and involvement in Special Olympics.
  • Joins in expressive therapies such as music therapy, expressive arts, pottery, and paper-making.
  • Engages in evening recreational activities if desired, such as parties, dances, and games.
  • Has access to physicians and specialists at the University of Virginia Medical Center in nearby Charlottesville
  • Goes on regular outings to Charlottesville for entertainment.
  • Takes oral medications with assistance if needed.
  • Visits home as often as the family likes.
  • Takes a two-week December holiday when workstations close and Innisfree slows down to offer vacation time to Innisfree’s volunteer caregivers.
  • Has access to internet where specific use is determined by parents and monitored by volunteers.


Monthly coworker tuition is $3,592/month, totaling $43,109/year. Tuition is adjusted annually in response to cost-of-living variables. Tuition covers room, board, and participation in workstations, expressive therapies, and evening recreational activities.
An additional $60,000 entry fee is required at the completion of a successful 6-month trial period. This fee goes directly into Innisfree’s Building Fund to help maintain the existing physical plant and to build new structures when needed. The fee allows new families to share in and support the efforts to sustain Innisfree that were made by its founding families.

Day Program

From two to four days each week, several adults who have aged out of high school programs and are at least 21 years of age come to Innisfree for a day of workstations alongside all community members. Whether transported in by their parents or a public transit provider from Charlottesville, the adults we call “day coworkers” attend workstations and join us for lunch from 9am-3pm and are able to experience the richness of life that occurs within each workstation. Fees for day coworkers are as follows:

2 days/week: $560/month

3 days/week: $825/month

4 days/week: $1,080/month

Some day coworkers have gone on to become full-time, residential members of our village. Parents who wish for their child to be in a community dedicated to finding enriching ways to develop hands-on skills and friendships with other adults with disabilities should consider Innisfree as an option. For more information for how be a part of our day coworker program, e-mail [email protected].

Town Program

For information about our town program, read more here