What is it like to volunteer at Innisfree?

Take a sneak peek at Innisfree Village and the variety of people who live and work together.



11211526_10153306738745909_360297793_oI spent a week at Innisfree in 2012 with Church of the Brethren work camp. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Seeing how your organization works together was life altering. Chris would join us for our morning devotionals and we all got many hugs from Steven. What a blessing for me and for the youth that were with me. – Rene G.





FB_IMG_1432801796108I was a volunteer from 1976 to 1979. 90% of that time in Meadow.
Allowing for the fact that time tends to cause one to remember the ‘good times’ and difficulties to fade, I will always treasure my time at Innisfree. I showed up there at 19 years of age and learned valuable life lessons there that I use to this day. I still feel a kinship with so many folks who call Innisfree home that were there in the ’70’s and it feels like home whenever I return for a visit. I find myself longing for the community life we had there from time to time. I find it here and there but never to the depth we had it then. I also love the way that we worked hard to break down artificial barriers between us that allowed all of us to become more than we thought we could and I am amazed at the incredible artisans that so many of my friends there have become! – Bruce C.



My parents volunteered at Innisfree in the late ’70s/early ’80s, so I grew up hearing their warm, funny stories about the coworkers and volunteers they had lived and worked with. When I was looking for something to do after graduating from college, Innisfree seemed like the natural choice. My experience was a wonderful one, and I left with love, new skills, a new self-confidence in my own ability to be a responsible care-giver and a useful member of a community, places to stay with friends all over the world, a whole lot of beautiful woven things, and the knowledge that I can always come back to Innisfree. Come visit, come volunteer. It sounds like a cliche to say this, I know, but I swear it will change your life. – Susannah G. 


I was pleasantly surprised by the organization working with people with disabilities. They are busy working, they feel their importance to society. Innisfree’s work is aimed at communication and development of people with disabilities. Here, all people, regardless of nationality, disability, status feel happy, can to live a full life, everybody try to help each other, to bring joy to others. Each contributes their work to the development of the community. – Elena Ulsmanova