Forming pretzels- one of the bakery's specialties

The Innisfree Bakery makes bread and granola for Innisfree’s houses and special events as well as for local churches. Every Monday and Thursday, Bakery members work hard to measure out ingredients, mix dough, knead, and shape bread as well as mix up delicious granola to go into the oven and fill the village with a delicious aroma. The final product is packaged and delivered at the end of the day to paying customers inside and outside the community.

From 50 to 65 loaves bread of varying types are baked weekly, including sourdough, honey whole wheat, sesame oat, seven grain, and many others. Cookies, challah, baguettes, focaccia, and pizza dough are made as special treats.

More than 40 pounds of granola are baked and sold to local natural-foods and gourmet stores each week. Innisfree’s bakery is proud to have Whole Foods Market, Great Valu, Market Street Market, Integral Yoga, and Rebecca’s Natural Foods as its customers.

Coworkers are carefully given work that is compatible with their skill levels and that gives them a sense of satisfaction. In the midst of it all, they also have fun!