Community Kitchen

Fresh vegetables from the garden go into our nightly house dinners
Innisfree’s community kitchen workstation provides lunch to everyone at Innisfree four days a week. This workstation began in 1989 shortly after the completion of Innisfree’s community center, with its commercial kitchen and large dining hall. The wholesome lunches can incorporate vegetables and herbs from Innisfree’s gardens, fruit from Innisfree’s apple and pear trees, and bread and rolls from Innisfree’s bakery.

The community kitchen provides many jobs; tasks that our residents (coworkers) can learn. They wash vegetables and fruits and then chop, slice, or peel them. They grate cheese and peel garlic. They stir and ladle soups. They set tables and clean up afterward. They wash pots and pans.

Becoming proficient at kitchen jobs comes in handy for coworkers at home. The skills they develop as sous-chefs in the community kitchen can be used in their house kitchens where they can also help prepare meals. In addition, these skills help hone the fine motor dexterity of coworkers.