Weavery items on display at a local craft fair

Innisfree’s weavery, which began almost four decades ago, has 20 looms and operates 4 days a week. It provides an outlet for the creative expression of our weavers, who weave placemats, scarves, shawls, shirts, blankets, and other items. All weavery items are made from natural fibers. Some yarns are dyed in-house. Finished woven pieces are sold in select local craft shops, at craft fairs as well as at Innisfree family events.

Every weavery item carries a label personalized with the name of the weaver who wove it, reinforcing a sense of accomplishment for the craftsperson. To further foster pride in a job well done, weavers help at local craft fairs, where they meet the individuals who purchase their wares.

Innisfree’s weavery satisfies the creative juices of Innisfree’s volunteer caregivers and long-term staff too. They design many of the items that go on weavery looms, plus they have the opportunity to learn to weave themselves on a large, shared loom.