Cutting boards on display at a the Crozet Artisan Depot
Innisfree’s woodshop, in operation for almost four decades, serves as both a therapeutic workstation for Innisfree’s residents (coworkers) and as a workshop for Innisfree’s small construction and repair projects.

Open 3 days a week as a therapeutic workstation, the woodshop handcrafts fine wood products, such as cutting boards, cooling racks, trivets, butter knives, spatulas, key fobs, and decorative boxes. These items are sold in select local craft stores  and at craft fairs throughout the year. Visitors who tour Innisfree’s workstations may also purchase items.

The woodshop uses only native hardwoods and eco-friendly, food-safe oil finishes that allow the natural beauty of the wood to be enjoyed. Some woods are salvaged from the construction projects of local businesses and individuals.

Innisfree’s coworkers and volunteer caregivers contribute a wide range of skills to the woodshop’s creative process, from sanding and oiling to designing new products and operating machinery.

As a workshop for construction and repair projects, Innisfree’s woodshop takes on small carpentry jobs such as making picnic tables, benches, and chairs for Innisfree’s use. The woodshop also helps with Innisfree’s maintenance projects, such as repairing furniture.