Art Studio

 Participants in the Art Workstation meet several times per week to paint, draw, sculpt, sew, and print. Each artist has the opportunity to pursue individual interests while contributing to items that will be sold at family events and local craft fairs. The Art Studio has become a meeting place for those deeply interested in the arts as well as those just diving in.

Throughout the year, Innisfree artists have the opportunity to participate in art shows put on by VSA Charlottesville/Albemarle as well as individual opportunities as they arise. It is also a goal of ours to immerse ourselves in the local arts community by attending Charlottesville’s First Fridays, VA festival of the book events, as well as therapeutic recreation programs put on by the City of Charlottesville. We would also like to extend our immersion by collaborating with local artists in the future.

While many Innisfree artists love to paint and draw, many others have an interest in sewing and sculpting with clay and are given the freedom to do so when an idea arises. A balance of individual support and creative freedom is ideal for our workstation environment.

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